15 Fluffy Feline Balls Of Fun

Apart from the occasional bit of malting, fluffy long haired cats make the most adorable pets. What’s better than curling up on the sofa after a long day with your furry feline on your lap, running your fingers through their luxurious coat?

In celebration of that we have a collection of 15 fluffy balls of fun. Some are gigantic cats, others a bit smaller, all of them have beautiful fur that just begs to be stroked.

Unfortunately all we can do is look at their photographs. If your cat is nearby, you can always give him a nice cuddle instead.

1. Simply Huge

2. On Patrol

3. “Just gonna rest my paw here for a bit.”

4. No disputing the handsomeness of this particular speciman

5. Cute and she knows it

6. Whispy fluff

7. Nicely groomed

8. Almost painfully adorable

9. Don’t you just want to bury your face in there

10. A wise old cat

11. Cat Gigantism

12. Striking a nice little cross-legged pose

13. “Psh, I’m way prettier than flowers.”

14. Very aloof

15. “Come back and stroke me!”


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