18 LOL Images Proving Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

We all know cats like to nap. Sometimes though, the places they choose to catch their 50 winks seem to defy all logic. They just can’t be comfortable. But then that’s just our opinion. As you’ll see from this series of images, the cats are more than happy resting where they are.

It just goes to prove, cats can sleep absolutely anywhere…

1. Hanging loose

2. As good a place as any

3. CD Dreams

4. Well no list would be complete without a cat in a box.

5. Or in a sink.

6. Cats eyes

7. Just as well the tank isn’t full.

8. At one with the BBQ

9. “Why should your toes get all the fun?”

10. Group support

11. Well we’ve all been there

12. Sleeping on the job.

13. “Well if you’re not using it.”

14. Pulling the yoga moves

15. Why cats don’t make good security guards

16. A different kind of gutter problem

17. Catching some zzzz’s before the baby arrives

18. Snug as a bug in a rug.

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