20 Photos Of Painfully Adorable Kittens

Without even trying, the average cat can be almost painfully cute sometimes. Whether they are curled up in their favourite spot having a snooze, nuzzling onto your lap for a stroke, or even noisily licking up lunch – us humans are a sucker for our cats. We just want to shower them with love.

And even though the cats in these pics don’t even belong to you, you’ll still want to dote on them, they are that damn cute!

1. A very handsome kitty.

2. “Um, little help please.”

3. “She’s behind me isn’t she?”

4. “I can walk around like this all day.”

5. “Who’s that?”

6. “Just chillin'”

7. “It’s plenty big enough.”

8. Halloween Cat.

9. “C’mon, give us a stroke”

10. “Mmm lunch time.”

11. Tough day

12. “Get your hands off that.”

13. “I heard that.”

14. “Play with me.”

15. “Tickle please.”

16. Saucer eyes

17. “Uh… whats up?”

18. “My bowl is empty”

19. A Cute fluffball

20. “You know you want to stroke me”

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