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Video – Dry Cat Food vs. Wet Cat Food

Have you ever wondered what kind of food is better for your cat- dry food or can food? Well this short video looks into the pros and cons of both to help you decide what’s best for you and your pet. On the plus side with dry food is that it is very convenient. It also doesn’t

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18 LOL Images Proving Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

We all know cats like to nap. Sometimes though, the places they choose to catch their 50 winks seem to defy all logic. They just can’t be comfortable. But then that’s just our opinion. As you’ll see from this series of images, the cats are more than happy resting where they are. It just goes

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My Cat Has Bad Breath: Sign of Illness?

So you’ve recently snuggled up to your cat and while giving her a loving nuzzle you’ve noticed that her breath seems a little off. In fact it made you wince slightly. This has made you think that she may have a few oral hygiene issues, and maybe there is something wrong with her health. Well,

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These Kittens Were Rescued From A Shelter JUST In Time

High-kill shelters are sadly a very common thing. As bad as it sounds, it basically means that an animal that finds itself at a shelter of this nature will have very little chance of survival. The cull rate is high. When kittens are abandoned and end up at a high-kill shelter, their lives depend on

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Cats And Head Lice – Can They Catch Them?

If you have children you may want to know if cats can catch head lice, or alternatively whether humans can catch lice from cats. I am happy to report that the answer on both counts is no. A different type of lice exists for each type of host. A cat lice is different to human lice. Each

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It's cold out, but not with that coat
All the better to hear you with
Off for a strole
That look of wide eyed bewilderment
Let's play ball.
A beautiful jet black cat
Caught in the act of killing
A little tumble
The 3 musketeers
A pink sweater to keep her warm
A blue eyed double whammy