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Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

You may have heard that chocolate is bad for cats. That is probably why you are here, to see if it is true. The fact is, the type of chocolate that humans enjoy, is very harmful to cats. Chocolate contains chemicals which if consumed by felines (and canines for that matter) can be deadly. Giving your

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Can Cats Overdose On Catnip?

We all know that cats love catnip. Watching a cat go crazy off the scent is very amusing, and catnip is an invaluable tool when trying to train your cat to use something such as a scratching post. However, can our beloved pet get too much of a good thing? If one was to be

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Top 10 Tips – Stop Ticks Biting Your Cat

Removing ticks is an inevitable part of cat ownership. At some point or another your cat will suffer from summertime ticks and bites.  Not only is it an unpleasant task for the owner, they are also a major irritation for your poor cat. If the ticks are left too long or not removed entirely, they

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Cats and Scratching: Save Your Home From The Claws

All cat owners will know that their beloved pets like to scratch. Scratching is part of play, they scratch to relax, scratch when they stretch. They also scratch to mark territory and to display aggression. Beyond all of that, scratching is also a natural method a cat used to sharpen its claws. For many people the result of

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A Cute Little Kitty Just Loves The Nose Tickle

This adorable little kitten is just loving the attention as her owner tickles her nose. Laying on her back, she is in her element with no intention of moving while the love is coming her way. Watching this will help you appreciate just how the simple things in life can bring joy. For the kitty

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Can Cats Eat The Thanksgiving Turkey?

You’ve just finished your Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is full and there are few scraps left on the table. Can you feed your cat some left over turkey? Well if you wish for your cat to join in on the festivities and you want to treat them to a special bowl of thanksgiving turkey cat food, I

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21 Cats In Hilarious States Of Shock

When a cat isn’t sleeping, they are usually quite alert. However, they can sometimes be a little too alert. All cat owners will be familiar with a cat in hunting mode, the tiniest sound will send them crazy. Well in this little collection of images we have just that. Cats caught in a state of

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It's cold out, but not with that coat
All the better to hear you with
Off for a strole
That look of wide eyed bewilderment
Let's play ball.
A beautiful jet black cat
Caught in the act of killing
A little tumble
The 3 musketeers
A pink sweater to keep her warm
A blue eyed double whammy