Can Cats Eat The Thanksgiving Turkey?

You’ve just finished your Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is full and there are few scraps left on the table. Can you feed your cat some left over turkey?

Well if you wish for your cat to join in on the festivities and you want to treat them to a special bowl of thanksgiving turkey cat food, I am happy to safe that you are safe to do so.

As always however, there are a couple of caveats to that. Let’s take a look…

Thanksgiving Turkey – Any Kitty Benefits?

Out of all the ingredients that make up the Thanksgiving meal, your cat will enjoy eating turkey the most.

Essentially, turkey will provide your cat with a healthy amount of protein. An essential part of a carnivorous diet.

Meat will also provide nutrients and chemicals such as taurine, (that cats are unable to produce within their own bodies).

Can Cats Eat Turkey – The Precautions

So what are those caveats we mention? The most important step you need to make is to ensure that you remove any bones first. Cooked bones can splinter and can do all sorts of damage to your cats throat and digestive system.

Even if a bone doesn’t splinter, it could still cause an obstruction resulting in breathing difficulties. While a cat will instinctively crunch through bones, you do not want to take that chance.

Another simple precaution when feeding your cat turkey, is to do so in moderation. Also, avoid giving them the fat, it is hard for cats to break down and is unhealthy for them.

(Image Credit: Tumblr)

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