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Can Cats Overdose On Catnip?

We all know that cats love catnip. Watching a cat go crazy off the scent is very amusing, and catnip is an invaluable tool when trying to train your cat to use something such as a scratching post. However, can our beloved pet get too much of a good thing? If one was to be

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Cats and Scratching: Save Your Home From The Claws

All cat owners will know that their beloved pets like to scratch. Scratching is part of play, they scratch to relax, scratch when they stretch. They also scratch to mark territory and to display aggression. Beyond all of that, scratching is also a natural method a cat used to sharpen its claws. For many people the result of

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Orphaned Kitten Nursed by A Pit Bull

In this remarkable story of survival against all odds, a stray pit bull was found on the streets of Garland, Texas. At first it appeared that the pit bull was with a small puppy, however upon closer inspection rescuers realized that it was in fact a tiny kitten, no more than a few days old. The

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Cats And Emotions – Do They Really Cry?

This question really does divide opinion. While most cat owners will agree that a cat does shed tears, whether they are doing so for emotional reasons is the part that people cannot agree on. Cats and Crying – The Physical Response Cats can certainly shed liquid (‘tears’) from their eye ducts. However from a scientific

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Can Cats Swim?

In general, cats hate the water. You only need to try to give a cat a bath to work that one out. Felines can clean themselves, they don’t want you getting involved in the process. But how about larger bodies of water – if your cat was to fall in a river, could it swim

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