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Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

You may have heard that chocolate is bad for cats. That is probably why you are here, to see if it is true. The fact is, the type of chocolate that humans enjoy, is very harmful to cats. Chocolate contains chemicals which if consumed by felines (and canines for that matter) can be deadly. Giving your

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Can Cats Eat The Thanksgiving Turkey?

You’ve just finished your Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is full and there are few scraps left on the table. Can you feed your cat some left over turkey? Well if you wish for your cat to join in on the festivities and you want to treat them to a special bowl of thanksgiving turkey cat food, I

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Are Apples Safe For Cats To Eat?

If you’re chomping down on a tasty bit of apple, and your cat happens to be sitting on your lap, it is natural that you would like to offer them some. But is it safe to do so? When it comes to dogs and apples, the core can actually poison them. Apple pips contain harmful

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Is Tuna Safe For Cats To Eat?

So is tuna safe for cats to eat? The fact that tuna is a fish, and most cats love a bit of fish you would assume the answer is yes. You would be right. However, owners still need to be careful when feeding tuna to their cat. As with any food for your pet, it should

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Cats And Dog Food – Can You Feed It To Them?

Can cats eat dog food? The short answer is yes they can, the long answer is that they shouldn’t and certianly not over a long period of time. A cat’s nutritional requirements are quite simply very different to dogs. While on the surface cat and dog food does look similar (a sloppy brown mess), outward

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Are Strawberries Safe For Cats To Eat?

Are strawberries safe for cats to eat? With any food that us humans find tasty and is small enough to offer our cats, it is important to be confident that it is safe for your cat to eat. Well the good news is, cats can eat strawberries. According to the ASPCA, the delicious crimson fruit is

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