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Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

You may have heard that chocolate is bad for cats. That is probably why you are here, to see if it is true. The fact is, the type of chocolate that humans enjoy, is very harmful to cats. Chocolate contains chemicals which if consumed by felines (and canines for that matter) can be deadly. Giving your

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Can Cats Overdose On Catnip?

We all know that cats love catnip. Watching a cat go crazy off the scent is very amusing, and catnip is an invaluable tool when trying to train your cat to use something such as a scratching post. However, can our beloved pet get too much of a good thing? If one was to be

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Top 10 Tips – Stop Ticks Biting Your Cat

Removing ticks is an inevitable part of cat ownership. At some point or another your cat will suffer from summertime ticks and bites.  Not only is it an unpleasant task for the owner, they are also a major irritation for your poor cat. If the ticks are left too long or not removed entirely, they

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Cats And Emotions – Do They Really Cry?

This question really does divide opinion. While most cat owners will agree that a cat does shed tears, whether they are doing so for emotional reasons is the part that people cannot agree on. Cats and Crying – The Physical Response Cats can certainly shed liquid (‘tears’) from their eye ducts. However from a scientific

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Cats And Dog Food – Can You Feed It To Them?

Can cats eat dog food? The short answer is yes they can, the long answer is that they shouldn’t and certianly not over a long period of time. A cat’s nutritional requirements are quite simply very different to dogs. While on the surface cat and dog food does look similar (a sloppy brown mess), outward

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My Cat Is Ageing And Slowing Down

By the time your cat has reached 12 years of age you may well notice that they are slowing down when compared to their more youthful years. This of course is perfectly natural. A 12 year old cat is the equivalent to 65 in a human. It makes sense that your cat will not be

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Can Cats Have Diabetes?

Can cats have diabetes? I am afraid that the answer is yes. In fact, diabetes in cats is on the rise due to the types of food us humans are feeding them. Animal Planet estimates that one out of 1,200 cats will develop diabetes at some point in their lifetime. However, there is good news for

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