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Meet Instagram’s Newest Celebrity-Worried Cat Aka Bum

Worried Cat AKA Bum, is a 2 year old rescue cat with permanently worried eyes and the Internet can’t seem to get enough of his adorable pictures. After Bum was featured on the cat-lovers blog Love Meow, images of his worried expression began flying around the Internet. His owner Courtney Morman created the Instagram account ‘Worried_Cat_AKA_Bum’

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21 Cats In Hilarious States Of Shock

When a cat isn’t sleeping, they are usually quite alert. However, they can sometimes be a little too alert. All cat owners will be familiar with a cat in hunting mode, the tiniest sound will send them crazy. Well in this little collection of images we have just that. Cats caught in a state of

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This Little Kitty’s Best Friend Is An… Owl?

A coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, is hardly the place you would expect to find one of the strangest pairings in the animal kingdom. But that’s precisely what we have here. Patrons sitting around sipping a drink at Hukulou Coffee, are enjoying a very cute treat. Inside the cafe is a kitten that has become

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15 Fluffy Feline Balls Of Fun

Apart from the occasional bit of malting, fluffy long haired cats make the most adorable pets. What’s better than curling up on the sofa after a long day with your furry feline on your lap, running your fingers through their luxurious coat? In celebration of that we have a collection of 15 fluffy balls of

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20 Photos Of Painfully Adorable Kittens

Without even trying, the average cat can be almost painfully cute sometimes. Whether they are curled up in their favourite spot having a snooze, nuzzling onto your lap for a stroke, or even noisily licking up lunch – us humans are a sucker for our cats. We just want to shower them with love. And

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18 LOL Images Proving Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

We all know cats like to nap. Sometimes though, the places they choose to catch their 50 winks seem to defy all logic. They just can’t be comfortable. But then that’s just our opinion. As you’ll see from this series of images, the cats are more than happy resting where they are. It just goes

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It's cold out, but not with that coat
All the better to hear you with
Off for a strole
That look of wide eyed bewilderment
Let's play ball.
A beautiful jet black cat
Caught in the act of killing
A little tumble
The 3 musketeers
A pink sweater to keep her warm
A blue eyed double whammy