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Cats and Scratching: Save Your Home From The Claws

All cat owners will know that their beloved pets like to scratch. Scratching is part of play, they scratch to relax, scratch when they stretch. They also scratch to mark territory and to display aggression. Beyond all of that, scratching is also a natural method a cat used to sharpen its claws. For many people the result of

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My Cat Is Ageing And Slowing Down

By the time your cat has reached 12 years of age you may well notice that they are slowing down when compared to their more youthful years. This of course is perfectly natural. A 12 year old cat is the equivalent to 65 in a human. It makes sense that your cat will not be

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Are Strawberries Safe For Cats To Eat?

Are strawberries safe for cats to eat? With any food that us humans find tasty and is small enough to offer our cats, it is important to be confident that it is safe for your cat to eat. Well the good news is, cats can eat strawberries. According to the ASPCA, the delicious crimson fruit is

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