Do Female Cats Spray?

Do female cats spray? It is a very common thing for male cats to do – they are literally marking their territory. He wants the world to know what is his. It also lays the ground work for when it comes to mating. An alpha male will have more territory.

So what about females? Do they spray too?

The answer is yes, in a natural setting urine marking is a way females can attract a mate.

Female Cats Spraying – The Causes

While spraying is normal behaviour for cats, having it happen in your home is not a nice experience.

While your domesticated house cat might be spraying out of instinctive, if it goes untreated it might form into a habit.

Other causes of female cat spraying can be a change of environment and the stress that is caused. A new pet in the home, or the arrival of a baby, or any other major changes in living circumstances will unsettle your cat.

Spraying in the garden we can live with, in the home is a different story

Spraying in the garden we can live with, in the home is a different story

Preventing Female Cat Spraying

If your cat begins urine marking around your home it is important to try to recognize the cause of the problem. By identifying the root of the stress, you are sometimes in a position to lessen the impact.

Very often, by taking away the stress from the situation, you will be removing the trigger behavior that is making your cat spray. This in turn makes the behavioral modification process a lot easier for you and your cat.

Potential ways of modifying cat-spraying behavior:

  • Place your cat’s food bowl where they mark – nobody likes to contaminate where they eat, including your cat.
  • Use foil or sand paper around the area they mark – your cat will not want to walk on this and will avoid the area.
  • Use a smell repellent.
  • Place a tray of marbles at the base of the marking spot – again this will be make your cat avoid the area. Any suitable obstruction will have the same effect.
  • If it is practical, using a water pistol is another (quite fun) way of stopping your cat from spraying in a particular area.
  • Use a pet training matt.

Do Female Cats Spray – Medical Treatments

If you find you have no success with any of the above, your vet may be able to assist with a prescription treatment. Two used treatment courses are:

1. Diazepam – a tranquilizing drug, this is probably the most effective treatment for female cat spraying.

2. Progestin – The hormone does have side effects and the success rate for female cats is low.

However, for many cat Owners the use of drugs is very much an unfavorable option.

Image Credits: AbbeyVets,

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