Black Cats Really Are Good Luck – Kitten saves Man’s days after being adopted!

Kitten saves man's life days after being adopted.  As soon as Glen Schallman saw the little black kitten named Blake at the Humane Society of North Texas he knew he was special. "This little boy and I bonded," Schallman told The Huffington Post. "He was meowing, trying to get the [shelter worker’s] attention, like, 'get me out of here!'" Schallman has a rare brain condition that causes seizures in his sleep and can cause him to stop breathing.  Luckily for Schallman he met Blake. Within days of his adoption Schallman had one

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Meet Instagram’s Newest Celebrity-Worried Cat Aka Bum

Worried Cat AKA Bum, is a 2 year old rescue cat with permanently worried eyes and the Internet can't seem to get enough of his adorable pictures. After Bum was featured on the cat-lovers blog Love Meow, images of his worried expression began flying around the Internet. His owner Courtney Morman created the Instagram account 'Worried_Cat_AKA_Bum' a week ago and the account quickly gained  hundreds of followers. [caption id="attachment_727" align="alignleft" width="250"] Peek-a-boo![/caption] Bum and his litter-mates came to

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Real Life Crazy Cat Lady!!

Real Life Crazy Cat Lady, Lynea Lattanzio shares her home with more than a THOUSAND felines! Some might call her a Crazy Cat Lady, but I think she is an amazing, giving woman with incredible compassion.  Sixty-seven-year-old Lynea runs Cat House On The Kings, California’s largest no-cage, no kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats which she does without any financial help.  She even sold her car and her wedding ring to raise funds to help with caring for the animals.  Currently living in a trailer on a six acre property,

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Parrots being jerks to cats

We all have that one friend - you're tired and don't feel like goofing off but he just won't leave you alone.  He'll try anything to get your attention, good or bad. Parrots are well loved for their personalities and amazing ability to talk.  Animal psychologist Dr Irene Pepperberg studied an African gray parrot named Alex and found that he had a vocabulary of about 100 words, could identify objects and colors and had a basic understanding of numerical concepts.  Dr Pepperberg compared his intelligence to that of a 5 year old

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Cuddle the Cat!

Some say that cats are aloof and independent whereas dogs would do anything to please you and show you love.  As the video below demonstrates cats can be just as loving and affectionate as any dog could ever be. These kitties want nothing more than to be cuddled and loved. Stroking and cuddling your cat has numerous health benefits including lowering your blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks and reducing stress, just to name a few.   I know I couldn't resist their cuteness, could you?

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Cat Burglar Caught on Camera – Kleptokitty Strikes Again!

Most cat owners can have experienced the joy of their kitty bringing them the odd dead bird or mouse but Oregon cat Tigger takes it one step further.  Tiger has been nicknamed 'Klepokitty' because of his affinity for stealing toys and other loot for Police Sgt  Dave Kempas - who installed a surveillance camera to catch his little cat burglar in the act. 'He even brought me a little bag of weed one time,' Sgt. Kempas told Fox.  Apparently Tiger's criminal behavior has been going on for four years and Kempas has set up the Happy

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Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

You may have heard that chocolate is bad for cats. That is probably why you are here, to see if it is true. The fact is, the type of chocolate that humans enjoy, is very harmful to cats. Chocolate contains chemicals which if consumed by felines (and canines for that matter) can be deadly. Giving your cat chocolate is very dangerous indeed. [hr] Why is chocolate toxic to cats? The harmful compound found in chocolate (or more accurately, cacao) is called theobromine. This can affect your cat in the following ways: It

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It's cold out, but not with that coat
All the better to hear you with
Off for a strole
That look of wide eyed bewilderment
Let's play ball.
A beautiful jet black cat
Caught in the act of killing
A little tumble
The 3 musketeers
A pink sweater to keep her warm
A blue eyed double whammy