Is Tuna Safe For Cats To Eat?

So is tuna safe for cats to eat? The fact that tuna is a fish, and most cats love a bit of fish you would assume the answer is yes. You would be right.

However, owners still need to be careful when feeding tuna to their cat. As with any food for your pet, it should be given in moderation as too much tuna is actually bad for your cat’s health.

cat eating tuna

Cats do love tuna – but you should still be careful how much you feed them

Cats and Tuna – Why You Need To Be Careful

If your cat’s diet consists of too much tuna and becomes unbalanced, they could be missing out on essential vitamins such as vitamin E. A lack of vitamin E can lead to malnutrition, and the onset of a condition called steatitis, (also known as yellow fat disease). This causes inflammation of your cat’s fatty tissues and can be very painful.

Tuna also contains a lot of mercury, (especially in canned tuna). Tuna is high on the food chain, and feeds on other smaller fish. This means that Mercury builds up in the tuna’s body and is transferred to your cat when they eat it. Mercury is an element that has no natural place in your cat’s diet.

Tuna is also high in fatty acids and magnesium. While these oils (along with omega-3) are great for us humans, they have very little nutritional benefit for cats.

Canned Tuna - convenient, however the quality does vary

Canned Tuna – convenient, however the quality does vary

Canned Tuna Fish – Extra Precautions

As we have already mentioned, canned tuna generally contains high level of mercury. There are other reasons you should limit your cat’s exposure to the canned fish.

  • Canned tuna often comes with flavorings that can be bad for your cat. Extra ingredients such as spices, tomato flavorings are a big kitty no, no.
  • Canned tuna varies in quality. Cheaper products are generally more detrimental to your cat’s health. It is these kinds of products that are more likely to be packed with cheap oil or brine as preservatives.

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