Is Yogurt Good For Cats?

Can cats eat yogurt? A very good question. The fact is, many people are not aware that diary products can actually be quite bad for cats.

Adult cats are very often lactose intolerant. Only kittens can get away with drinking milk or eating cream, (once they move from their mother’s milk.)

However, out of the dairy products you might offer your cat, yogurt is on the safer side. Let’s take a look…

Why Yogurt Is OK For Cats

Essentially, cats do like the taste of yogurt and it does have some health benefits.

Yogurt contains live and active bacteria cultures that can help boost your cat’s immune system, as well as promoting healthier and more efficient digestion.

These benefits occur because the aforementioned bacteria can help cultivate intestinal flora inside your cat’s tummy. Sounds quite disgusting, but is a very natural process.

Unflavoured yogurt is the type you should opt for (flavored yogurts pose more of a risk depending on the flavor and the artificial sweeteners that might be added). A small spoon of natural yogurt is sometimes suggested if your cat is suffering from diarrhea.


Lactose intolerance in Cats

Yogurt is unique in diary food in that the natural bacteria that it contains is able to break down the lactate once it is consumed by your cat. Essentially, their digestive system is given a little help in hand.

Cats and yogurt – Any other Precautions

As we have already mentioned, cats should only eat plain yogurt and never flavored varieties. The flavored yogurts are very sugary and contain additives that are a big no, no.

Bottom Line

Plain yogurt is the best of the diary products you can feed an adult cat. Full of helpful bacteria a little yogurt can help with stomach upsets and diarrhea.

As always you be careful not to feed your cat too much in any one sitting, and watch out for any adverse effects the first couple of times you serve up any yogurt. And stay away from the cheap unhealthy yogurts.

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