Black Cats Really Are Good Luck – Kitten saves Man’s days after being adopted!

Kitten saves man’s life days after being adopted.  As soon as Glen Schallman saw the little black kitten named Blake at the Humane Society of North Texas he knew he was special.

“This little boy and I bonded,” Schallman told The Huffington Post. “He was meowing, trying to get the [shelter worker’s] attention, like, ‘get me out of here!'”

Schallman has a rare brain condition that causes seizures in his sleep and can causeblake and shullman him to stop breathing.  Luckily for Schallman he met Blake. Within days of his adoption Schallman had one of his life threatening seizures only to be awoken by little Blake biting down on his big toe hard enough to rouse him. If Blake hadn’t bitten him, Schallman said, “I probably would not have woken up.”

Some might say that Blake was just being playful but he had already proven himself to be sensitive to Schallman’s condition. When Schallman had smaller seizures, he said, “Blake would start patting me on my arm,” giving Schallman a look that seemed like, “Are you OK?”

Blake isn’t the first cat to have this kind of connection with Schallman. Fourteen years ago, he adopted another black cat named Boo Boo Kitty.   She also demonstrated an uncanny ability to detect a seizure coming on shortly after coming to live with Schallman.

“Boo Boo would take her paw to my carotid artery and she would nudge me to go down to the ground,” he said. Boo Boo still lives with Schallman.

blake sleepingThere are many cases of both cats and dogs that can detect seizures and other medical conditions. In 2012, a cat named Pudding noticed new owner suffering a diabetic seizure in her sleep and clawed at her face, waking the woman for long enough to call for help.


Source:  Huffington Post 


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