Little Kitties Pressing Against Some Glass

Sometimes it is nice to see our beloved pets from a slightly different angle. It’s always funny to see them up high, but what if you put yourself in a different position to see them.

Well that’s exactly what these owners have done. Crouching under glass tables and surfaces to capture some unique images of their cats.

Thankfully, due to the likes of Instagram and Reddit, we can enjoy those funny angles too. Here’s a collection of cats, pressing against some glass. A perspective that we don’t get to see too often.

1. The cutest little pinky paws ever!

"If I show you my paws, will you play with me?"

Reddit / codilockhart

2. Some nice black paw pads here

3. What a view.

4. You don’t see it from this angle everyday.

5. Strike a pose

6. Smushy mushy

7. So what exactly is going on here?

8. A belly ripe for tickling

9. Cat ballon

Make that 99%, actually.

Reddit / 7seconds77

10. Tuck em under

11. And me too

12. Just chillin’

13. I’m not enjoying the taste of this

14. Meditation time

15. Your face says cat, but your feet say rabbit.

16. “Ummm…you called?”


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