This Little Kitty’s Best Friend Is An… Owl?

A coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, is hardly the place you would expect to find one of the strangest pairings in the animal kingdom. But that’s precisely what we have here.

Patrons sitting around sipping a drink at Hukulou Coffee, are enjoying a very cute treat. Inside the cafe is a kitten that has become best friends with an owl.

The two are completely inseparable, and have become the talking point of the area. People from all over are now heading to the cafe to have a glimpse of the adorable couple hanging out.

A Right Pair – Marimo the kitten is BFF’s with an owl named Fuku.

The Pals are inseparable

Even when it comes to sitting on the perch

Look at how cute they are together

Even when it’s nap time

…they can’t be away from each other

Simply adorable

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