Parrots being jerks to cats

We all have that one friend – you’re tired and don’t feel like goofing off but he just won’t leave you alone.  He’ll try anything to get your attention, good or bad.

Parrots are well loved for their personalities and amazing ability to talk.  Animal psychologist Dr Irene Pepperberg studied an African gray parrot named Alex and found that he had a vocabulary of about 100 words, could identify objects and colors and had a basic understanding of numerical concepts.  Dr Pepperberg compared his intelligence to that of a 5 year old child.

Now you won’t see any of the parrot’s amazing abilities in this video, but you can see how they could be compared to that of a 5 year old child.  The cats in this video are just minding their own business until their parrot friend comes along to stir up some trouble.  In addition to their intelligence, they also find it quite amusing to annoy their friends!

Check out this compilation of parrots being jerks to cats, it’s sure to make you smile!


Source:  You tube, The Nest 

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