Raw Meat Diets For Cats – Video Guide

Here we have a video from Dr Karen Becker, as seen on her popular animal healthcare website, Healthy Pets.

Dr Becker is a big advocate on raw food diets for cats and dogs. Her view is a common one for those that believe raw food diets are good for our pets, she argues that dogs and cats have consumed living, raw meats for thousands of years – so why should they not do so now?

In the video she explains why a raw food diet can be a very healthy option for your cat. She also explores the dangers involved in preparation and contamination.

Eliminating parasites is a key aspect when pursuing a feline raw food diet. Salmonella is another issue that she discusses in detail.

She spends time exploring the health benefits on your cat’s digestion, and the high protein your cat can expect if you choose the path of raw food.

Well worth watching if you wish to learn more on this controversial subject.

Download The Video Transcript

(Image Credit: Thepetbeastro.com)

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