These Kittens Were Rescued From A Shelter JUST In Time

High-kill shelters are sadly a very common thing. As bad as it sounds, it basically means that an animal that finds itself at a shelter of this nature will have very little chance of survival. The cull rate is high.

When kittens are abandoned and end up at a high-kill shelter, their lives depend on those that work at non-profits or other no-kill organizations to take them in and find them a home.

Luckily for these two Siamese kittens that happen to be siblings, the high-kill shelter they ended up at were able to give Cats at the Studios a call.

That made all the difference. The shelter had room to keep them safe until a loving owner could come along and give them a forever home.

If you’d like to donate to California-based Cats at the Studios, your money will help them be able to take in more kittens like these ones.

(Source: The Pet Collective)

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