Video – Dry Cat Food vs. Wet Cat Food

Have you ever wondered what kind of food is better for your cat- dry food or can food?

Well this short video looks into the pros and cons of both to help you decide what’s best for you and your pet.

On the plus side with dry food is that it is very convenient. It also doesn’t smell as much as canned food and it is nice and shelf stable so one bag could last you a long time as opposed to opening a can of food that needs to be consumed with 24 hrs (if you have ever left an open can of cat food in the cupboard for any period of time, you know how quickly it begins to stink the place out.)

Dry food is also good to use with puzzle toys. This way you let the cat work for some of their meals and is great way of keeping them occupied and out of trouble (especially if you have to leave them at home alone while you are at work say.)

However, many veterinarians are very happy with the health benefits of canned food. Owners should be focusing on their cats urinary tract health and their kidneys, and wet food is better equipped to do this.

Maybe the best way is to actually feed your cat both. Once you have settled on a wet and dry food product that you know your cat appreciates, broaden the nutritional diversity of your cat’s diet by giving them helpings of each.

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